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Our Linkage system guarantees a fluid connection with a quick response to terrain irregularities, helping to maintain perfect contact between the wheels and the ground, obtaining greater traction. They facilitate adjustment between the length and position of the pull rod, directly improving vehicle ride height and suspension adjustments. The design and material achieves precise adjustments for the preferences of each driver and type of terrain, providing flexibility and adaptability to the ATV. Stability in Curves and Irregular Terrain: The lateral stability it provides to the quad improves control in curves and rough terrain, helping to maintain the balance of the quad, giving the pilot a more controlled and safer driving experience.
- Lowers the center of gravity,
- Improves more traction,
- Reduces the load on the shock absorber,
- Accomplishes a more adjustment in the suspension,
- and it's configurable with shock standard and up to 20.2 "
Includes: Pull Rod & Knuckle
Bearings and oil seals.