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About us

About us

ForceParts Racing has worked since it has started on the analytical and design capabilities of the parts that achieve greater propulsion by verifying the level of competition against the engines of recognized marker, using the experience, needs and developments of the riders in the Enduro, Cross and XC circuits.

From 2014, we have started in the world of designing parts for ATV through assistance in various circuits and the recognized experience in mechanics and cycling. It was from there that with few resources but with the greatest desire to grow, ForceParts Racing emerged, first in the manufacture of DRAG components for Yamaha Banshee, from the chassis extender, the gas compensator to its exhaust kit, which the date represents a symbol of your brand. After six years of design in new parts, gaining the confidence of more and more pilots, attributing ForceParts Racing as part of their quads, the idea of formalizing entry into the international market was born, to the difficult and competitive ATV market.

This is as ForceParts has managed to demonstrate and position itself based on the experience of the pilots to obtain a quick adaptation and optimal performance, being from 2018 a marker that not only captures what the place demands, but also manages to transmit and demonstrate that passion. It goes beyond a hobby.

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Brianna - June 9, 2023

Hi! I’m Brianna. I am just on your website right now and I just KNOW that we can get you LOTS of new customers. Visit for details on this special offer TODAY for customers including you, if you want to start getting new customers TODAY, get 1 Year FREE and ‘70%’ Discount just by going to – Let me know! Brianna (b6ekhwe46bb)

Abimael - December 23, 2022

Also, do you offer discounts for Veterans?

Abimael - December 23, 2022

I have a 2017 YFZ 450R with OEM steering stem and Pro Taper contour 1 1/8 inch. Do the handlebars you guys sell, fit my setting? Thank you.

PAUL SIPES JR - October 1, 2022

do you guys set up dealers

Chen - September 8, 2022
Hello! This is Chen from China. We do Yamaha, Sea-doo, Kawasaki camshafts and pistons, rods, supercharger, wheel…… more than 10 years. If need any help,please E-mail me :
Nelson Font - March 30, 2022

Do you offer military discount?
If so please send me the code.

Matthew Jones - September 7, 2021

can i get the subframe brackets for yfz450r in gloss black?

Marcel Výchopeň - September 7, 2021

Hello, I would like to order OIL RETURN TANK wine metal from YAMAHA YFZ 450R × 1 . But it shows a jumping time for shipping $ 230. Is there anything wrong with that? Thank you

Marwan - October 15, 2021


My name is Marwan im from kuwait i would like to be a Dealership for your company in my country

Jered Teixeira - October 15, 2021

Hello , I was wondering if you sponsor racers or give a racer discount ? I currently have 3 yfz450R’s that I race worcs atv series. I’m looking at your oil return tanks mods . I just blew 2 motors due to loss of oil in the 1st race of the season. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

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